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Hey, welcome to Medical Advice Channel, in todays article, we are going to review CareStart Malaria Testing Kit. If you have no idea what this is, it is a kit made by CareStart that is used by hospitals and labs for testing of the presence of malaria parasite in patients. It’s Uses This kit is […]

If you have ever had heartburn in your life, then you know how bad it is. In a simple explanation, heartburn occurs when the acid content moves back into your “food pipe”, or also known medically as the oesophagus. This occurs when the muscles that prevent this become weak. There are things we do that […]

why your weight matters

Everyone these days is concerned about their weight. I know you have heard out there about how being overweight or obese is bad for your health. You may be asking yourself, is having an excessive weight that bad really, or is just people trying to make money by making others scared – and by people, […]

Why is project planning important? When an organization sits down and decides to start a project, they have to sit down and create a project plan. One might ask themselves, why is a project plan so important? Why not just start the project instead of wasting more time coming up with the plan? Well, a […]