Bolt Kenya Safety Tips 2023: How To Stay Safe When Riding With Bolt in Kenya

Bolt Kenya cabs have provided a more convenient way for Kenyans to manoeuvre from place to place without a hustle. They have also created job opportunities for many Kenyans, therefore, making many Kenyans improve their financial status in these hard times. All you have to do to hail a cab using bolt is download the Bolt Kenya application on your smartphone, and on a click of a button, get a Bolt to ride to your doorstep.

Bolt Kenya Safety Tips

As good as all this is, you and I have to admit that today, roads have not been safe, and also, crime rates are high, especially in Nairobi. It is because of this that I have brought up this article to give you a few precautions you could follow to ensure you have a safe and comfortable ride with bolt Kenya.

Tip Number 1: Driver’s Details

When waiting for a Bolt ride, try and see the details of the driver who is coming to pick you up. You will find this information on the Bolt app. When the car arrives, always ensure that you confirm their details before getting into their car.

Their face should also match the one on the Bolt driver’s picture, and so should the number plate of the bolt cab picking you up.

Tip Number 2: Let your Friends and family know.

When I was young, my mother would always ask me where am going when I went out. If I told her I was going to visit a friend, she would also ask which friend it was. In this case, this is a good idea. If you are visiting a friend, it is good to share information with one of your friends and relatives just in case anything happens.

Always share you bolt kenya trip details ith your family and friends you trust

You should also do the same when you arrive at your destination. Let me give you a simple reason why this is good. Let us say you were travelling, and you got into an accident somewhere, and by bad luck, you had no ID on you. If you had told your friend where you were going, they would, first of all, enquire if you arrived safely.

In case they see it on the news and have not been able to reach you, they will have an easier way of knowing where to start searching. From this example, you can see that this is not only important for Bolt rides, but also for our daily life activities.

Bolt Kenya’s “Share a Trip” Feature

Bolt Kenya has a feature for this, where it allows you to share your trip details with your contacts so that they can follow it in real-time, by simply clicking the share button on your bolt app

Tip 3: Remember To Use Your Seat Belt.

when taking any trip, including bolt kenya rides, always buckle up

Safety belts are life savers, so use them appropriately. As a qualified health practitioner, I can confidently tell you that you have a high chance of survival in a tragic accident if you had your safety belt on. So use it, and remove a star when you rate the driver if they never had one during your Bolt ride.

Tip 4: Be alert

Don’t be too distracted by your phone or by the music you are listening to that you are not aware of your surroundings. Always be aware of anything suspicious, such as the driver taking routes you don’t know about. If you are not comfortable, trust your instincts and tell the driver to stop the car immediately.

Tip Number 5: Avoid Sharing Your Personal Infor

Never share your personal information with strangers. Not everyone had good intentions. This will save you from potential scams and fraud. Sensitive information includes your phone number, where you live, your bank details or even where your kids go to school.

 Number 6: Always Rate and Give a Review.

Always rate your bolt kenya ride experience

It is important to look at reviews before booking a ride. This will tell you what other users experienced on their rides, and whether you will like it or not. Therefore, it is important to also give a rating and review at the end of your ride to help other users.

Also, remember, give credit where it’s due, if you had a good experience, give them 5 stars as it also helps the driver. If they were that bad, give them what they deserve.

If you follow these 6 steps, I am sure you would safe each and every time you take a ride with Bolt Kenya. Leave a comment below if you have any other tips you would love to share with me, and I will add them to the article. Also, hit the share button to spread the word to those who have not had an opportunity to read this article.

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