Simple Guide – How To Cancel Subscription Services On Vodacom 2023

In this article, I will take you through very simple ways how to cancel subscription services on Vodacom. Vodacom is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in South Africa. It boasts of a large growing number of users and this is due to the fact that they provide high quality and fast services.

Some of their services and products include data packages and voice packages that one can subscribe to. Sometimes, you may want to stop a certain subscription because you are not using it. Failure to cancel your Vodacom subscription services that you don’t need will lead to extra incurred charges that you may not have planned for.

How To Cancel Subscription Services On Vodacom

How To Check For Vodacom Subscription Services You Need To Cancel

Checking for your active Vodacom Subscription services is essential to sort out the ones you don’t need and avoid incurring extra charges. To check for your Vodacom active subscription services;

How To Check Vodacom Subscription Services Via USSD

This is the easiest option to check for your Vodacom subscriptions because it does not require you to go the extra mile to download and install the Vodacom application on your phone. It can also be done with any phone type. To check your Vodacom Subscription using USSD;

  1. Open your mobile phone or smartphone’s dialer.
  2. Dial or call USSD code *135*997#. You can also click on the USSD code to open the dialer automatically.
  3. Select option one, which in this case, is “View and Stop content Services”.
  4. Done, Vodacom will display all the Subscription services you have.

How To Cancel Subscription Services On Vodacom using USSD -Vodacom unsubscribe code

Check Vodacom Subscription Services Via Vodacom Smartphone App

To check for active Vodacom subscription services using the Vodacom app, you will have to install the application from your Google PlayStore on android, or from the Apple Playstore if you are using an iPhone. When you are on your app store, search for “My Vodacom SA”. You can also click here to be redirected there automatically(This opens in a new tab)

Once you have downloaded the My Vodacom SA application;

  1. Open the installed Vodacom application.
  2. Click on the “Account Menu” option and select the Manage services option.
  3. Choose the type of active subscription service you want to check; There are three options
    • VAS services – Short for Value Added Services, that are non-essential services, such as entertainment for example caller tunes that you have an active subscription for on your Vodacom line.
    • NXT LVL services
    • Recurring card purchases – As the name suggests, these are purchases that are automatically made after a certain period.
  4. Done, you will see all your active Vodacom subscriptions.

Select Manage Services under my account - vodacom app

How To Cancel Subscription Services on Vodacom

How To unsubscribe on Vodacom Subscription Using  USSD – Vodacom Unsubscribe code

To cancel subscription services using the Vodacom unsubscribe code, use *135*997#

If you remember, this is the same USSD code we used to check our active Subscription services earlier on. To cancel your Vodacom subscriptions;

  1. Open your dialer application and dial *135*997#, which is the Vodacom unsubscribe code.
  2. If you want to stop all Vodacom Subscription services, reply with option 2, which is “Stop All”.
  3. If you want to cancel specific Vodacom Subscription services, select option 1, which is “View and Stop Content Services”
  4. Vodacom will then list all your active subscriptions, and you can then choose one to cancel the specific subscription service.
  5. Done, you will receive a confirmation message from Vodacom with the details of which Vodacom Subscription service you have unsubscribed from on the Vodacom line.

How To Cancel Subscription Services on Vodacom using Vodacom App

When using your Vodacom App for Vodacom Subscription Cancellation;

  1. Open the Vodacom App that you downloaded from your Smartphone AppStore.
  2. Go to manage services, which is under the account management option.
  3. Select the type of service you want to stop and select cancel Subscription service.
  4. Done, you have successfully completed the Vodacom Subscription Cancellation process, and you will receive a notification on the same.

Vodacom Social media page where people complain how the are charged for Vodacom subscription services they don't want

Other Services To Unsubscribe On Vodacom

Below are other services that you can also unsubscribe from on Vodacom if you do not need them anymore. They use different methods of a subscription cancellation, and that is why I have them in their own section in this article.

Vodacom ShowMax and Spotify Subscription Cancellation

ShowMax subscriptions are under Vodacom’s Add-to-bill subscriptions and are usually added to your Vodacom monthly bill which is deducted from your account. Along with this also includes a Spotify subscription service. To check for the bill you recur from your Spotify and ShowMax subscription on Vodacom, on your Vodacom app under my account, select the bill option to view your billing transactions and statements.

To stop your ShowMax or Spotify Subscription on Vodacom, go to your Spotify and ShowMax applications, select subscriptions, and either upgrade them or cancel your subscriptions.

Caller Tune Subscription Cancellation

There are three methods you can use to cancel your Vodacom Caller tune Subscription in South Africa. If you want to cancel your Caller Tune on your Vodacom South Africa network, use any of the following methods;

  1. Dial 117800 and request them to cancel your Caller Tune subscription. This is Toll-free and you won’t be charged for the call.
  2. Send an SMS from your Phone to 1178 with the word “Stop”.
  3. Dial Caller Tune USSD code *117*987#, and follow the prompts provided by the service.

Bonus Hack – Ultimate Way On How To Unsubscribe On Vodacome Subscription Services

If these processes and steps I have provided above are just too much, and you would like to cancel all your Vodacom subscription services in one go, use the following steps;

  1. Dial the Vodacom Unsubscribe code *135*997# from your phone.
  2. Select the option “Stop All’, by replying with option 2.
  3. Accept to proceed with this decision by replying with one.
  4. Done, you have successfully unsubscribed from all Vodacom subscription services. You will also receive a message from Vodacom confirming the same.

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