Digiproctor Complete Guide 2022 And Review

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Digiproctor review 2020

What Is Digiproctor?

Digiproctor is an online software designed by digiproctor.com for academic institutions for exams. Digiproctor provides a platform for schools, colleges and universities to offer examinations for their students, without the need for an invigilator’s presence.

The digiproctor testpad app monitors students as they do their exams, cubing any attempts by the student to cheat on the exam. It does this through the use of Artificial Intelligence(AI). I will discuss this in detail in the “how it works” section.

How Digiproctor Works.

Digiproctor is a perfect example of the power of AI technology in this time and era. It provides a secure platform that is bandwidth adaptive and very affordable to suit any institution’s needs to provide exams for its students.

In Kenya, known bodies like the Clinical Officers Council and the Nursing Council of Kenya, which are statutory bodies formed under the government of Kenya have started using the Digiproctor testpad as their preferred choice for online exams. (Reference)

I know you are really in doubt right now. How can this app really know if I cheat in exams? I can have someone in the background and they would know, I can google using my phone and they would know.

The AI checked the student’s photo and compares it to the one that is sent by their institution, and in this way makes it impossible to let someone else do the exam for the student(impersonation). It also checks the student’s behaviour and facial expression during exam time.

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So let us see how it works;

  1. The institution or college first sends the students’ details to the Digi proctor to register the student in their system.
  2. The exam taker will be sent their login details via their email, for example, Gmail or Yahoo. This email will also contain a unique test key, which will be used to gain access to the exam
  3. Digiproctor will then require the student to scan their environment to check for any potential opportunities that might aid in cheating.
  4. If the environment is good, the student is then allowed to take the test.
  5. During the test, the Digi proctor then locks the screen. This makes sure the student can not access other apps, for example, Chrome, to google for examination answers.
  6. The examined student will also be monitored throughout the whole examination to prevent cheating and impersonation.
  7. In case any irregularity is noticed, the student will receive an alert warning them. These irregularities lead to a reduced “Trust score”, with the lowest being zero.
  8. At the end of the exam, the student will receive the results, and the lecturer also receives the footage of the exam, as it was being live recorded, for them to check on it later

Digiproctor Testpad Trust score

During the test, the student is continuously monitored via their webcam or phone camera for any cheating attempts. When the AI notices any cheating attempts, the exam taker will be notified. Any behaviour that is not allowed is taken as a cheating attempt.

The AI takes the following actions as a cheating attempt;

  1. If the student moves away from the exam window during the period.
  2. If there is no face that is detected on the test window
  3. If there is someone else helping you with the exam, and multiple faces are detected, this is counted as an irregularity.
  4. If the examined student tries to move away from the test window
  5. If you try using a phone, or any other thing that can aid you in cheating.
  6. If there is a voice in the background helping you.

Any of the this above will reduce your digiproctor Test score.

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How To Login Into Your Digiproctor Website Account/ How To Reset Your Digi proctor Account Password.

How To Login Into Your Digiproctor Account

To login into your Digi proctor account, your institution or college/university is supposed to have, first of all, sent your details to digiproctor, who will then send you your login details. If you received the email, follow the following steps;

  1. Open your registered email account and check for the digiproctor email. Open the email, and you will find three details in the email; Your Email ID, Password and the link to the Digi proctor login page.
  2. Click on the Digi proctor login page link and you will be redirected to https://www.digiproctor.com/html/login
  3. Enter your email id and password. Click next to proceed. On the next page, enter the required details and fill in the capture, click log in.
  4. On the following screen, you can click on “Download Test Pad” to download the Digi proctor test pad, which you will be using to sit for your online exam.

How To Reset Digiproctor Account Password

  1. Visit the Digi proctor login page by clicking here, or clicking on the link provided in the email sent to you.
  2. On the digiproctor login page, click on the “Forgot Password” link to reset your digiproctor account password.
  3. Enter the email you were registered with on digiproctor and click ok.
  4. You will receive an email from digiproctor with a reset link and instructions.
  5. Open the email and click on the reset password link.
  6. On the next page that you will be redirected to, enter your preferred password. Make sure you save this email somewhere safely.

How To Download Digiproctor Testpad – Digiproctor App Download

Digi proctor Download – Digi proctor App Download From Dashboard

Remember in the above section I told you that the student receives an email with their login details. Therefore, in order to download the Digi proctor app for pc, follow the instructions below;

  1. Key in your login details and successfully log in to your account.
  2. In your dashboard, you will get your test information, the digiproctor test pad app download option and the reset password option.
  3. Click on the download option to download and install the App.
  4. Done!!!

Digiproctor App Download For Windows 10/7/8

If in case you have no access to the dashboard, but you would like the Digi proctor testpad app, you can download it directly from their website by clicking the link below;

Digi proctor App Download For Windows 10/8//7

Be sure to download the appropriate type for your PC or laptop. If your system is 32-bit, download the 32-bit, if your computer system is 64-bit, download the 64-bit. You can also choose to download the Installer or the zip file.

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