What Can You Take For Headaches While Pregnant ? ||2021

Pregnancy is a very critical stage in women, because not all the drugs a normal person takes can be used by pregnant women. Headaches are very common, and most expectant mothers are usually worried about the type of drugs they can use to relieve headaches during pregnancy. So, what can you take for headaches while pregnant?

What Can You Take For Headaches While Pregnant?

It is always important to seek your doctor’s advice before taking any medications during pregnancy. This is because it is not only certain pain relievers that can cause headIron Deficiency Anaemia- Unique facts you need to know.Iron Deficiency Anaemia- Unique facts you need to know.aches, other drug groups, such as certain antibiotics are teratogenic.

Drugs you should not take for headaches during pregnancy.

Non- Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs(NSAIDS).

I know the name sounds fancy, but don’t worry. These include drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen. Studies have shown that these group of drugs increase the risk of miscarriages in pregnancy, and therefore doctor dont recommend taking them, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy(last 3 months of pregnancy).

Some of their effects in pregnancy include;

  • Premature closure of your baby’s blood vessels, which can be problematic.
  • Reduces the amount of the liquid that covers your baby, keeping them safe from harm. This is known as Amniotic fluid.

Use of Opioid painkillers

A fact for you to remember, opioids are the most commonly abused prescription drug. This is true, especially in the United States. Mind you that these are facts, I did not cook them up. These drugs can cause heart problems in unborn children by delaying the development of your baby’s heart or causing it to develop abnormally.

They are known to cause even stillbirths and premature labour. In simple terms, a stillbirth is when a baby is born dead, while premature labour is labour that occurs before the normal expected time.

In addition to all these, you must remember that any opioid made drug is usually addictive, and this applies to not only the mother but also the fetus. This is because it can pass the placental barrier to the baby. These babies end up being addicted too.

So What Can You Take For Headaches While Pregnant?


When it comes to headaches during pregnancy, Acetaminophen is the most commonly used drug. It is the drug of choice by doctors for pregnant women. The best part is that it can also be bought over the counter in very many countries. Always ensure that you take the correct dosage to avoid taking an overdose. As you know, too much of everything is dangerous.

So What Can You Take For Headaches During Pregnancy?

If you have any underlying conditions, especially liver disease and kidney disease, please seek advice from a trained physician or doctor, because it may do more harm than good in these cases.

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It is also good to know that it has not been linked to miscarriages and stillbirths, provided you take the correct dosages. Acetaminophen is not only good for headaches, but it can also be used in cases of fever, and joint or muscle pains.

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How to relieve mild headaches without medication?

I do prefer avoiding drugs if possible. Some issues that cause headaches don’t require medications, for example, when you are a bit dehydrated, your body will try to communicate by making you feel thirsty, or sometimes, having a headache. You can simply solve this by taking adequate water.

You can try to prevent or relieve mild headaches by using the simple techniques;

  • Try relaxing your body by getting enough sleep. Ensure have a good sleeping schedule and follow it well.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet regularly. Remember that you are not alone, your body needs more energy for you and your growing fetus
  • Stay hydrated by making sure you take enough water throughout the day.
  • Avoid stress because it will also affect your baby. If you are so stressed, go and get counselling before it gets worse.
  • Exercise regularly, keep your body active. Go for a walk around the neighbourhood. Get a qualified yoga instructor if you can.
What Can You Take For Headaches While Pregnant?

Remember, if you have a headache that doesn’t go away or persist, always go to the nearest hospital and seek medical attention. It might be something else.

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