How To Activate Safaricom Line, 2020(Very Easy Procedure)

In today’s article, I will be showing you a very simple procedure on how to activate the Safaricom line in the comfort of your home in Kenya. Safaricom is one of the leading telecommunication networks in Kenya, boasting of having millions of Kenyans using their network.

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Because of this, there has been an increase in the number of illegal cases where criminals fraud other people using other phones, whose sim cards are registered to other people’s ID numbers and details. In light of this, Safaricom came up with an effective way of curbing this. How do they plan to curb this?

Users will now receive a notification every time their ID details are used to activate a new Safaricom line. This message will require permission from the owner on whether or not they are aware of this. You as the owner, will then either accept it or reject it.

Take note that this only applies to those who already have registered Safaricom lines. For those who will be registering new lines, there will be no new notifications requiring permission, they will only receive a notification telling them that they have registered and activated a new Safaricom line.

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The above process will either be done at a Safaricom agent or one of their authorized shops. Now I want to show you how to activate your Safaricom line, using Safaricom’s most innovative solution to customer care, the Safaricom self-care. Follow the following simple steps;

How To Activate Safaricom Line

  1. On your computer, laptop or phone, access your web browser. This can either be Chrome, Firefox or your default browser.
  2. To to Safaricom’s self-care service portal by clicking here, or you can even google the word “Safaricom Self-care Portal”. It is usually the first link on search results.
  3. Because your Safaricom line is new, you will have to register to the Safaricom self-care portal. To do this, click on the REGISTER tab.
  4. On the register tab, you will key in your details as instructed. Some of the information will include a username and password. Ensure that you use a password that you can remember, and is not easily figured out by others.
  5. Read and accept all the terms and conditions, and then click on register to activate your account.
  6. You will receive an email which will notify you that your account is active and your account details.
  7. Done!!!

How to activate Safaricom line - Safaricom self-care portal

In case of any issues, feel free to leave a comment and I will gladly help you out, or contact Safaricom’s customer care by clicking this link, or leaving a message on their Facebook page.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Is the self-care portal only for new Safaricom line registration?

Answer: No, it is useful for other reasons. Some of the other things you can do on the Safaricom self-care portal include;

  • Sim Swap. In case your phone got stolen, including your line, or maybe you just want to upgrade your sim card to the new and fast 4G network, you can do it all by yourself.

safaricom self care portal

  • Set roaming alerts, which can help you avoid incurring excessive data and airtime consumption when you are out of the country.
  • Manage your credit history using the credit usage history.
  • Check, redeem or even transfer your Bonga points.
  • It can help you knot the transaction fees for sending and receiving money through M-Pesa.

m-pesa transaction fees calculator

  • Check and get your lost PUK number. You can also check your PUK using any Safaricom line.
  • It can help you opt in and out of those disturbing promotional messages.

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