How To Join Safaricom Sacco (2023)

How To Join Safaricom Sacco

In today’s article, I am going to take you through how to join Safaricom Sacco in 2023. In my previous article on Top 20 Saccos in Kenya, I talked about some of the advantages of joining saccos. Some of the advantages I mentioned include the following;

  1. They help you cultivate a culture of saving, which can be useful in future.
  2. You can grow your money through dividends which are usually given every year. Safaricom Sacco provides its dividend every year in February.
  3. Active members can get loans from Safaricom Sacco and other Saccos, which can help you grow or start a business.
  4. Saccos like Safaricom Sacco provides investment opportunities for its members to help them grow. One example is pieces of land, which are made available for their members at a good price.

Who Can Join Safaricom Sacco?

Any one can join Safaricom Sacco. The Sacco does not discriminate against anyone and provides financial opportunities for every Kenya who registers with the Safaricom Sacco.

How To Join Safaricom Sacco

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Requirements Needed To Join Safaricom Sacco

To register, one will need the following documents;

  1. You will need to have a passport photo.
  2. You will also need to have a copy of your KRA Pin certificate. If you don’t have one, you can get one from the KRA website.
  3. A copy of the Identity Card(ID).
  4. You should also have Ksh. 1,000, which is the fee for registration.
  5. You should also have Ksh. 3000 which is your monthly contribution fee.
  6. Members are required to buy shares worth  Ksh. 40,000. Therefore you will be required to buy these shares. You can buy these shares within a period of 1 year, by paying Ksh. 3400 monthly.
  7. Details of your next of kin, including a copy of his/her ID card.

You can join Safaricom Sacco through the following two ways;

How To Join Safaricom Sacco Through Their Website

  1. head over to, or click here.
  2. On the top right corner, click the “Join us” option. You will be directed to Safaricom Sacco’s Iconnect page.
  3. Enter the details correctly:
    1. Personal information
      • First of all, verify that you are not human by completing the captcha ReCaptcha method.
      • Enter your ID number. You can also use your passport number.
      • Confirm the passport/ID number you entered above.
      • Enter your KRA pin in the next input field.
      • Select your sex/gender from the next dropdown menu.
      • Enter your address(Note that there is no red Asterix on this option, meaning it is not a must).
      • Enter your postal code. This is also optional.
      • Enter the country you currently live in.
      • Enter the city you are currently living in.
      • Enter your phone number.
      • Enter your email address. If you don’t have one, create an email address before proceeding to the next step.
      • Input the ID number or passport number of the person who referred you in the net field. This is optional, so you can skip the step.
      • On the right side of your current screen, attach the following documents;
        1. Attach your most current photo, preferably a passport photo.
        2. Attach your signature.
        3. Attach the front side of your ID card.
        4. Attach the back side of a copy of your ID card.
        5. Attach a copy of your KRA Pin certificate.
      • Click on “Next”, to proceed to the next tab
    2. You are now on the “Next Of Kin” Tab. The next of Kin is someone closest to you e.g. your mum, son etc. Here input as per the instructions given;
      • Enter the name of your next of Kin’s legal full name.
      • Specify their relationship to you, e.g. an aunt, dad etc.
      • Enter their ID/Passport number. In case your next of kin is a minor, or is not of legal age indicate there by using the initials “c/o”.
      • Enter their date of birth.
      • Enter their phone number.
      • Enter the percentage amount to be assigned to them, for example, 50% or 100%. Note that if you give 70% as a percentage assigned to your next of kin, you will also have to add another person as your next of kin and give them 30%, so that the total percentages assigned add up to 100%. If you only want to have one Next of Kin, then the input percentage is assigned as 100%.
      • Click on “Add details”.
      • Click next, to proceed to the “Remittance Details” tab
    3.  On the remittance details tab,
      • Select your employment details from the dropdown menu(Either employed, not employed or self-employed).
      • Select your employer from the next dropdown menu.
      • Select your remittance mode
      • Input your monthly share capital contribution that will be deposited monthly.
      • On your right, complete payment by following the simple instructions provided on the page, and enter your Mpesa transaction code/reference number in the input field.
      • Click validate to confirm that payment was successful.
      • You can also accept to be registered for mobile banking, or internet banking.
      • Agree on the terms and conditions to proceed. Click here to read the terms and conditions you need to adhere to, to join Safaricom Sacco.
    4. Click next and follow the instructions given to complete the registration process of how to join Safaricom Sacco.

How To Join Safaricom Sacco By Visiting Their Offices

The next option for joining Safaricom Sacco is to fill out a registration form and attach all the necessary documents I , mentioned before. You will then need to submit the form physically to either of the following offices;

How To Join Safaricom Sacco

  1. The Safaricom Sacco Offices, which are located at the Safaricom Main Headquarters in Westlands Nairobi or,
  2. Their JCC office is located at Mombasa Road Nairobi.

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