How To Join Waumini Sacco(2023)

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Waumini Saccohas over 30,000 members who are from their over 700 Catholic church branches. The Sacco is owned and managed by the Catholic Diocese of Kenya. This is the reason why you can trust that your money is safe with this Sacco.

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It was registered in 1980 under the Co-operate societies, meaning that its services and products are legally recognised by the constitution of Kenya.

How To Join Waumini Sacco

Benefits of Joining Waumini Sacco

When you join Waumini Sacco, some of the benefits you might see include the following;

  1. A return on your investment because profits earned by Sacco are shared amongst its members as dividends each year.
  2. It will help you develop a culture of saving, which will help you in case you have future plans, which obviously require capital.
  3. You will be able to get loans from the Sacco which you can use to pay school fees, buy plots or even start a business.

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Who Can Join Waumini Sacco?

To be eligible to join Waumini Sacco, one has to be a Catholic Faithful, being a member of any Catholic church branch in the country. Also, those employed by any Catholic-based organisation are eligible to be a member of Waumini Sacco.

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How To Join Waumini Sacco

Requirements For Joining Waumini Sacco

To register to be a member of Waumini Sacco, you have to visit any Waumini Sacco Branch in Kenya with the following;

  1. You will need a recommendation/introductory letter from your employer that confirms you are indeed employed by the institution.
  2. You will need a letter from the priest of the catholic church you attend, confirming that you are indeed a member of the catholic church.
  3. A copy of your National Identity card.
  4. Details of your net of kin.

How To Apply – How To Join Waumini Sacco

To apply, visit any Waumini Sacco Branch in the country with the above documents.

You will also need the following to complete your registration process;

  • Have Ksh. 500 which is paid only once. This is the registration fee and is non-refundable
  • Net, you will need to buy shares that amount up to at least Ksh. 15,000. Don’t worry, if you can’t raise this amount at once, you are allowed to pay it in instalments of 500 shilling per month.
  • Your monthly contribution payment will be Ksh. 350, where Ksh. 300 is for your monthly contribution and Ksh. 50 for Monthly Insurance Risk fund contribution.

Waumini Sacco Contacts

In case you have any enquiries, you can contact Waumini Sacco customer care representatives through the following channels;

Waumini Sacco Physical Location


Applewood Adams,

Adams Arcade 2nd Floor

P.O.BOX 66121 – 00800, Nairobi

Waumini Sacco Customer Care Contacts

Phone Number:

  • +254 709 052 000
  • +254 728 606 059
  • +254 734 666 226


[email protected]

Waumini Sacco Social Media Pages

Facebook –

Twitter – @WauminiSacco

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