How To Recharge Your Safaricom Line

Do you know how to recharge your Safaricom line? Am sure that about 99% of individuals own Safaricom own a Safaricom line. Safaricom is one of the most popular mobile providers, not only in Kenya but also in other countries, like South Africa.

To make a Safaricom line, or even send a text, you need to recharge your line with airtime. This airtime is readily available. You could buy Safaricom airtime either online, through Mpesa, or by buying one from a shop

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Once you have the airtime, use the following steps to recharge your Safaricom line;

How To Recharge Your Safaricom Line (Simple Method).

  • Scratch the airtime using a coin.
  • On your phone, access your dialer
  • Key in *141*number in scratch card#
  • Press enter, or the call option. If you have more than two lines, make sure you select the line you want to recharge
  • Done, you have successfully recharged your Safaricom line.

You will receive a notification to confirm this. If you want to confirm your Safaricom balance, do the following;

How To Check Your Safaricom Line’s Airtime Balance.

  • Access the dialer of your phone
  • Dial *144#
  • You will receive a prompt showing you the account balance and expiry date.

How To Recharge Your Safaricom Line Using M-Pesa

What if you want to recharge your Safaricom line, and there is no place to buy airtime physically? Don’t worry, you can always buy airtime through your M-Pesa account. I prefer this method because it is easy, and can be done any time of the day. Here is a simple step by step procedure on how to recharge your Safaricom line using your M-Pesa account;

  • Access your sim tool kit from your phone menu. It is usually written Safaricom, having the shape of a Simcard.
  • Open the app and click on Mpesa
  • Click on “lipa na M-pesa”
  • Select the “pay bill” option
  • Select on “enter business number” option
  • Here key in the business number “220220”
  • After that, enter the account number, which is your Safaricom mobile number, for example, 0712345678
  • Enter the amount you want to buy, e.g. 200
  • Press ok to continue and then enter your PIN.
  • Press ok to confirm
  • Done!!!

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