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How To Recharge Your Safaricom Line 2023

Do you know how to recharge your Safaricom line in 2023? I am sure that about 99% of individuals own Safaricom own a Safaricom line. Safaricom is one of the most popular mobile providers, not only in Kenya but also in other countries, such as South Africa.

To make a Safaricom line, or even send a text, you need to recharge your line with airtime. This airtime is readily available. You could buy Safaricom airtime either online, through Mpesa, or by buying one from a shop

Once you have the airtime, use the following steps to recharge your Safaricom line;

How To Recharge Your Safaricom Line (Simple Method).

How To Recharge Safaricom Line Using USSD

This is the most commonly used method of recharging your Safaricom line. To use it, follow these steps:

  • Scratch the airtime using a coin.
  • On your phone, access your dialer
  • Key in *141*number in scratch card#
  • Press enter, or the call option. If you have more than two lines, make sure you select the line you want to recharge
  • Done, you have successfully recharged your Safaricom line.

You will receive a notification to confirm this. If you want to verify your Safaricom balance, do the following;

How To Check Your Safaricom Line’s Airtime Balance.

  • Access the dialer of your phone
  • Dial *144#
  • You will receive a prompt showing you the account balance and expiry date.

How To Recharge Your Safaricom Line Using M-Pesa Sim Tool Kit(STK)

Recharge Using STK Mpesa Option

What if you want to recharge your Safaricom line, and there is no place to buy airtime physically? Don’t worry, you can always buy airtime through your M-Pesa account. I prefer this method because it is easy, and can be done any time of the day. Here is a simple step-by-step procedure on how to recharge your Safaricom line using your M-Pesa account;

  • Access your sim tool kit from your phone menu. It is usually written Safaricom, having the shape of a Simcard.
  • Open the app and click on Mpesa
  • Click on “lipa na M-pesa”
  • Select the “pay bill” option
  • Select on “enter business number” option
  • Here key in the business number “220220”
  • After that, enter the account number, which is your Safaricom mobile number, for example, 0712345678
  • Enter the amount you want to buy, e.g. 200
  • Press ok to continue and then enter your PIN.
  • Press ok to confirm
  • Done!!!

Recharge Safaricom Credit using the STK Safaricom option

  • Access your phone’s Sim Tool Kit in your application menu.
  • You will see 2 options; the Safaricom option and the Mpesa option respectively.
  • Select the Safaricom option.
  • Select option 2, which is my account.
  • Select the second option, which is “Top-up services”.
  • Select the “Top-up” and select the “My Number” option if you want to top up your Safaricom line, or the other option if you wish to top up another Safaricom line.
  • Enter the scratch card voucher number or pin that can be found on the scratch card you bought.
  • Done, you will receive a message from Safaricom confirming that you have successfully topped up your Safaricom line, and your updated balance.

Note: If you do not see the options as the ones I have provided in the various steps I have provided above, try to update your Mpesa Menu to the current version. To do this, just open your STK Mpesa menu, and settings and click on “Update Customer Menu”. This should take a few minutes, and your Safaricom Mpesa menu and Sim Tool Kit will be updated with the latest features.

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