How To Renew Driving License – Kenyan Driving License Renewal 2023

how to renew driving license in Kenya

In this article, I will show you a simple driving license renewal method you can use in Kenya. Instead of spending another Ksh. 100 on a cyber cafe, why not just renew your driving license at home? You will have saved a lot and will only spend about 20 shillings printing the receipt(if you don’t own a printer).

The Kenyan Government has made efforts to make its services more accessible to Kenyans by digitizing most Government Services, including the renewal of Driving licenses. This is possible with the Citizen portal, where you get to renew your D.L. (Driving License), and other services like getting a police clearance certificate.

First Things First – The Requirements For Driving License Requirements

For this, we will need a smartphone, computer or laptop, an eCitizen account, a stable internet connection, and the driver’s license renewal fee. Note that it is not an application for a new driving license(Smart DL). Click here to read if you are looking to apply for a smart driving license.

Driving License renewal fee charges

The fees you will be charged on eCitizen will depend on the duration you want to renew your driving license. There are two options; you either renew it for a year, which will cost you Ksh. 650 or the other option which will be used if you want to renew your driving license for 3 years. For this other option, you will pay Ksh 1400.

There is also a service fee of Ksh. 50 which is Mandatory. Therefore when applying, make sure you have either Kes650 or 1450. Please note that Mpesa transaction fees also apply.

How To Renew Your Driving License in Kenya

  • On your browser, head on to eCitizen Portal. You can Google it, or click here.
  • Sign in to your eCitizen account by entering your email or ID number and your password. For most people, especially those who have been going to cybercafes to get this service, the username is their ID number, and their password is either their phone number or the same ID number.
  • On your dashboard, you will see various services, look for National Transport and Safety Authority(New), and click on the Get service option.
  • Click on Continue to verify that you want to proceed.
  • On the next screen, click on Make Application to renew the Kenyan driving license.
  • Choose the duration of renewal you want, i.e 1 year or 3 years
  • Confirm the details and press submit to proceed to payment.
  • Choose your preferred payment method, in this case, we will use Mpesa. Enter the number you are using to make the payment.
  • You will receive a Mpesa prompt asking if you want to pay the amount to Citizen. Enter your PIN to confirm this.
  • Print your driver’s license renewal slip and attach it to your driving license.

After printing your renewal slip, you can attach it to your driver’s license using glue and you are now good to go.

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