How To Reverse Money Sent To Wrong Number – Safaricom Mpesa Transaction Reversal

Hello, welcome to today’s article, where I will show you how to reverse money sent to the wrong paybill number via Safaricom mpesa. We are all human and are bound to make mistakes. Safaricom’s Mpesa has really loosened the burden that was there long ago of sending money to our loved ones. Sending money these days can be done in the comfort of your house, using an android phone and a registered Safaricom line.

As we use this service, there is also a chance that one can mistake a digit in the phone number, therefore, sending money to the wrong number. Some years ago, in 2011, I remember my mother sending money to the wrong number. This was about six thousand shillings. She was really devasted because this is really a lot of money. Luckily, the person who received this money had a good heart, and he called back and promised to refund the cash, which he did.

To curb this, Safaricom came up with the mpesa reversal. In this process, you can be able to reverse any cash sent to the wrong number using the procedure I will mention later on in this article. Please note that this procedure is only helpful if you sent money to the wrong telephone number, and not the wrong paybill number. I will, later on, make an article on how to reverse money sent to the wrong Paybill number.

How To Mpesa Money Reverse Money Sent To the Wrong Number

Mpesa Reversal Method 1- How To Reverse Money Sent to the Wrong Phone Number Via SMS

To reverse money sent to the wrong mobile number, do the following;

  • Open your messages application and access your messages. In this particular case, we want the message confirming that the money had been sent to someone.
  • Depending on the type and make of your phone, you will forward this message to the number 456.
  • Safaricom will get back to you to confirm that the issue is being handled and that your money will be reversed within 24 hours

Mpesa Reversal method 2 – Calling Customer Care

This method involves calling a Safaricom customer care representative through their number. The number you can use to get in touch with a Safaricom Mpesa agent is 100.

When you dial 100, you will follow the following steps to get in touch with the Safaricom Mpesa agent. Please note that when you dial 100, you will be guided by a voice automation service which will give you various options. The option might change in future, but I will try my best to update this article with future changes;

  • Dial 100.
  • You will be asked to pick a language. For me, I will pick English which is option 1. So I will dial 1
  • Press one to reverse cash sent to the wrong number.
  • Follow the instructions given

You will notice that the instructions given are the same as the first method I provided.

How Long Does It Take For Money To Be Reversed To My Account

After completing the steps above by forwarding the transaction message to 456, it takes less than an hour for your money to be reversed back into your Mpesa account. The earlier you forward the number to 456 or, call customer care, the earlier your money will be reversed back into your Mpesa account.

How To Avoid Sending Money To A Wrong Number

To avoid going through this whole process, you can do the following things to ensure that you send money to the right person the next time you are transferring mobile Mpesa money;

  1. Right down the number before sending it so that you can easily countercheck.
  2. You can use your android phone’s copy-and-paste feature to ensure that you can copy the person’s number.
  3. Utilize the 15-second given by Safaricom that shows you a prompt with the receiver’s name and number. If this information is not correct, reply with any digit or letter to cancel the transaction.
  4. In case the money has already been transferred, forward the message as soon as possible to the number 456 so that the reversal process can start as soon as possible.
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