3 Reasons Why Increasing Your Fuliza Limit Is Not As Easy As You Thought.

I have been reading articles out there and watching videos claiming how easy increasing your fuliza limit is, in today’s article, I will be showing you three reasons why this is not as easy as you thought.

What Is Fuliza?

Fuliza is Safaricom’s service where one is given sort of a loan through Mpesa. This loan will then be deducted from your mpesa account at a later date, as soon as the account is credited. This loan comes with interest which is calculated daily.

3 Reasons Why Increasing Your Fuliza Limit Is Not As Easy As You Thought.

The fuliza amount one gets can be used in sending money to someone else, or even paying for your GoTv subscription or KPLC bills (Click on the links to read tutorials on how to do it). Note that fuliza can not be withdrawn.

What Amount Can One Be Able To Receive From Fuliza?

The amount of fuliza you can get is dependent on your fuliza account limit. For most people, their fuliza limit is usually 500/= as a start while others can get a fuliza limit of up to 2,500/=. Some can even get as low as 300/=

You can use your fuliza limit to send cash to someone, or fuliza airtime to your number through various methods that I will show you in upcoming posts.

How To Increase Fuliza Limit

There is really no easy way of increasing your fuliza limit, so I would advice you to keep away from scammers who claim that they can increase your fuliza limit for a fee. Here are some tips, based on actual realistic techniques, that can increase your fuliza limit;

Do More Mpesa Transactions

Fuliza, like most loaning apps, checks your transaction history to determine the amount you can be able to fuliza. So, if your Safaricom Mpesa account is busy with transactions on a daily basis, you will receive a larger amount, as compared to an account that only does one or two transactions in a day.

This method might network for everyone, based on the economic state of more people.

Pay already received fuliza loans as soon as possible.

This works because it shows Safaricom that you are trustworthy, and they will have more faith in you, therefore considering giving you a higher fuliza limit. I think you might agree with me, that this is easier said than done, considering the state of Kenya’s economy at the moment.

For example, how many people do you know of, including you, that would take that 500 shillings, that they have in their pocket, to pay off a loan, two days from the day they borrowed it?

Opt-Out then Opt-In again.

I left this idea for last because it does not always work for everybody. It has a 50-50% chance of success. This method is pretty simple, you simply opt out of fuliza, and then you opt back in.

To do this, you use Safaricom’s mpesa USSD, through *234#, then select fuliza. You will see the option of opting out of fuliza, select it. This method will only be successful if you have paid the already loaned fuliza amount.

Now, let us look at how applicable this method is; some of the questions I might ask are;

  1. If I opt out of fuliza, how sure am I that my fuliza amount will increase?
  2. What is the logic behind it?
  3. What if they don’t give me fuliza again?

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