3 Best Linux Video Editor Software (With Free Download Links)

In today’s article, I am going to show you the top 3 Linux video editor software you can download and use on your Linux PC. Now, I personally love Linux OS, it’s really fast. It’s feature-rich, and it’s much better than Windows To be honest, it’s absolutely free of cost and you can run it on pretty much any kind of hardware.

But the problem is Linux has very limited options when it comes to video editing software. But then again, things have changed a lot since last year and we finally do have some really good options. I’m going to show you the best Linux video editing software in 2022.

Kali linux - Best linux video editing software
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I’m only going to be talking about three Linux video editor software at this moment because I think those are the only ones capable of competing against other video editing software alternatives in Windows and Mac. There is other software as well, but they are way too basic for standalone video editing software to be included in this video.

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Let’s get started. I will start with my least preferred one, with the one I think is best;

Best Linux Video Editor Software

DaVinci Resolve

I think people already know about this very powerful software. Now, DaVinci Resolve probably has the biggest feature pool out of all the three Linux video editing software i will show you in this article. DaVinci Resolve is also very popular for its industry-leading calibrating and audio editing capabilities. The free version of DaVinci Resolve has tonnes of features and is more than enough to make all sorts of videos and even firms. This is why I had to feature it in my best Linux video editing software out there.

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So I’m going to list down a few features which make DaVinci Resolve a really good choice for video editing software on Linux. These cool features and tools include;

  1. The ability to stabilise your video with just a few clicks.
  2. Tonnes of transitions,
  3. Amazing effects and simulation capabilities using Fusion
  4. Really good are you collecting features like noise reduction, metal processing and a lot more

Now DaVinci Resolve falls on the heavier side and it needs quite a bit of computer. Now, if you have a budget-oriented computer, skip to the next two pieces of software.

You are probably wondering why am putting this software as number 3 in my top Linux video editing software list, when in fact, it’s as good as Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro on many levels. Then why is it in the third position?

well, the reason is DaVinci Resolve doesn’t really install very well on most Linux distros. And if you have an AMD chipset or an AMD graphics card, then you’re in even bigger trouble. You’re most likely to bump into an error while making this work on your Linux machine, making it really troublesome that is the reason why I placed it in the third position, and I hope it improves in the future.

To check out more about DaVinci Resolve, click here


I personally love Kdenlive. It is free, and open-source Linux video editing software. It’s lightweight and most importantly it’s very, very easy to install on a Linux machine. In fact, most distros list Kdenlive as the preferred video editor. So any newcomer in the Linux world can easily instal this software without any issues.

Now Kdenlive packs a tonne of features. Let’s talk about all the general features which are actually useful in most video editors. These features that will help you in video editing include;

  1. chroma key for removing those blue and green screens from here video backgrounds.
  2. Motion Tracking if you want to track the motion of a particular object in your video.
  3. Spot Removal to remove those unnecessary objects in your video like lens dots, birds or other objects.
  4. Masking and rotoscoping, are really very useful to make some cool video effects 3d compositing to turn anything 2d into 3d and make them look futuristic.
  5. Noise removal, which is often lacking in many free Linux video editor software, but this handy little feature is available here.
  6. It also has quite a lot of free add ons which include transitions, overlays and other useful stuff. And of course, it also has all the basic features like blurred text effects, keyframe animations, etc.

Kdenlive is also really good for colour grading as it has almost all the features like the classic colour wheels, the ability to apply lots, and hue saturation controls. With KdenLive, you have the ability to tweak your audio to the next level.

Now a lot of people ask this question on a regular basis. Does Kdenlive work on a dual monitor setup?

The answer is yes, it does. It works without any kind of issues. So overall, KdenLive is a really good choice for video editing on Linux. But there are a few things which I don’t really like about the software

The thing I don’t like about this Linux video editor software is its interface, it looks quite a bit outdated. Now don’t get me wrong. It’s properly arranged and nothing is cluttered but I think the next software on this article does it much better.

Kdenlive also works on low-end computers. So hardware limitation shouldn’t be an issue. To download the software, click here

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My number one spot for the best Linux video editing software would go to shortcut. As compared to the paid video editing alternatives, like Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro on Windows or Mac, It has very cool and useful video editing features and again, can be installed fairly very easily.

I chose this as the best software simply because of how well it runs on low-end computers and it runs even better than Kdenlive. And also because of how many useful features it has. And I’m going to list them out again for you;

  1. Chroma key, just like Kdenlive Linux video editing software.
  2. Video stabilisation, which is actually lacking in Kdenlive.
  3. You also have motion tracking and a one-click solution which is much faster and much better
  4. You noise removal and there are three ways to remove the noise. So you have a lot of flexibility,
  5. Good text animations and tonnes of transitions.
  6. You also have to rotoscope and mask just like Kdenlive and there are some extra useful features like low vignette, Time Remapping and keyframing.

Now, unfortunately, shortcut Linux video editor software isn’t as good as Kdenlive when it comes to 3d compositing. Kdenlive is much better and has much more features in that aspect. The colour grading features on the software are very similar to Kdenlive, and also work on a dual monitor setup. It also features audio and video scopes for you.

The interface of Shortcut is a bit better and well-organised as compared to Kdenlive. In terms of audio again Kdenlive and shortcut are very, very similar.

If you compare both shortcut and KdenLive with DaVinci Resolve when it comes to audio, DaVinci Resolve is much better. But then again, you will have to be very lucky to make DaVinci Resolve work on your Linux computer.

So all in all, these are the three best Linux video editor software, which is capable of giving you the full and proper video editing experience. Now there are other options like flow blade, open shot or blender, that you could try out.

Anyway. I hope this article will help you to decide which software to go for on your Linux machine. And why not just try all three of them while you’re at it, and see which one suits you better? If you love this article, subscribe to my blog’s Newsletter.

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