M-Kopa Finally Adds The Nokia C31 To its List in 2023

It is good news for all Nokia Smartphone lovers as Mkopa adds the Nokia C31 phone to its list of Mkopa smartphones. This means that if you would love to upgrade your device but you don’t have enough money to get one, you could run over to the nearest Mkopa agent and get yourself Mkopa’s new Nokia C31 device.

Introduction: A Brief Overview of MKopa and its Services

M-Kopa is a company in Kenya that provides smartphones and other products like Solar power TVs on higher purchase terms. Basically, an interested person pays a deposit for the product they would like to purchase from Mkopa and then makes a daily payment for about a year until he or she clears the remaining balance.

When the person is unable to pay for the daily amount, the device will be disabled until they are able to pay the required amount. This daily amount will depend on the price of your device, for example, for the Nokia C01 Plus, you will have to pay a daily instalment of Ksh. 40/=, while with a high-end device like the Samsung A22, the customer will be paying daily instalments of Ksh. 85/=.

Expansion of M-Kopa Smartphone Product Offerings: How The Nokia C31 Expands The Customers’ Range Of Options To Choose From

This edition of the Nokia C31 is great news because new or existing customers have the opportunity of having a range of smartphone devices they can purchase from M-Kopa.

This announcement was made today by Mkopa through the Facebook page and has been received well by Kenyans who were waiting largely for the Nokia device to be added to the list of phones one could get on Mkopa’s higher purchase terms.  This addition to Mkopa’s Nokia phone list to a total of 8 devices. These devices include:

  1. The Nokia C01 Plus Iris.
  2. Nokia C01 Plus
  3. Nokia G10
  4. Nokia C21
  5. Nokia C21 Plus
  6. Nokia C30
  7. Nokia G21
  8. Nokia G50 plus the now New Nokia C31 smartphone.

Features Of Nokia C31: Highlights Of Nokia C31 Specs and Key Features.

I will give you a brief overview of the specs of the device so that you can judge whether or not you need to get it, and if it’s worth the money;


The screen display size of the Mkopa Nokia C31 smartphone is 6.75″(Inches) which is pretty big to ensure you enjoy its usage and have a good experience when playing games and watching movies or videos from YouTube.


On the backside, the phone packs three camera lenses to give you great photo shots so that you can keep your memories alive while having a good time with your friends and relatives. The three cameras of the Nokia C31 include:

  • A 13MP wide camera.
  • A 2MP Macro lens
  • A 2MP depth camera.

On the selfie side of things, the phone has a 5MP camera that is situated on the front side. This is not a very good quality selfie camera as compared to other phones like the Samsung A22 which comes with a  13MP selfie camera. This might be a good alternative smartphone if you are looking for a good selfie camera on a relatively friendly budget.


To ensure that you have the power to use the device without any interruptions, the Nokia C31 carries a 5050mAh Lithium battery to keep you going. On basic day-to-day activities, the battery can last you up to 3 days on a single charge. If you use it to watch movies and have extensive internet use, you can get up to 7 hours on a single charge.

Storage and Memory

The phone has a storage capacity of 64GB which is enough for everyday use. Mkopa’s Nokia C31 also has a RAM of 4GB which is enough for normal use and can also play games like Pubg, though not as well as the Tecno Camon 19 Premier, which is a higher-end device with better specs.

It also has an expandable SD memory slot which gives you the option of expanding your smartphone’s storage capacity to your liking. If you feel that this memory is still not enough for you, please consider options like external hard disk or cloud storage services like Mega, or google drive which gives you additional storage of up to 20 GB on their free account.

Other Nokia C31 Fearures

Other Mkopa Nokia C31 features and goodies include;

  • The fingerprint sensor is on the back side of the phone for added security. The Nokia C31 fingerprint sensor is pretty fast and responsive.
  • The Smartphone supports Dual nano sim cards so that you can have more than one sim card on your phone. This is particularly important if you have more than two sim cards and you don’t like carrying more than one phone.
  • The device also supports face screen unlock, which is really faster, but I recommend the fingerprint sensor because this face unlock option might sometimes fail, especially in areas of low light.
  • The buyer will receive a free Mkopa T-shirt and 1GB of data from Mkopa to get you started.

Availability and Pricing: How You Can Get The Nokia C31 From Mkopa and Its Estimated Market Price in Kenya

How To Get The Nokia C31 From Mkopa

The New Nokia C31 from Mkopa can be found at any Mkopa-verified store in Kenya and other regions with Mkopa services. All the user has to do is present themselves to the Mkopa agent with a National ID, and the required deposit amount for the phone.

The required deposit amount for the Nokia C31 smartphone from mkopa is Kes. 4,299/=, which is paid at the Mkopa agent location. After this, you will have to install the Mkopa application on your new Nokia C31 smartphone device. Note that if you try to install this mkopa application from your device, the smartphone will be locked and you won’t be able to use it.

After paying the deposit, you will be required to pay a monthly instalment of Ksh. 70/= everyday for 1 year(365 days). This will total to Ksh. 29,849/= at the end of the payment period of one year.

mkopa Nokia c31

Nokia C31 Price in Kenya in 2023

The price of the Nokia C31 smartphone in Kenya is currently at Ksh. 15,500/= to Ksh. 16,500/=, which is a difference of about 15k from the total amount you will have used to purchase the smartphone from Mkopa. Before you say anything, just remember that when you purchase it from Mkopa, you will be getting it on higher purchase terms.

If you feel this high and would like to buy it for the normal price, use my affiliate link below to purchase one from Jumia. Please note that we will receive a commission from this purchase.

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Conclusion: My Final Thoughts About This Announcement By Mkopa To Kenyans

I think this is good progress from MKopa, and I encourage them to continue expanding the list of mkopa phones for Kenyans. This gives us more options to choose from, and therefore good satisfaction for the customer.

As for the phones, I recently purchased the Samsung A23 for my sister from Mkpa, and the phone is good. Therefore, I would recommend Mkopa to anyone who is thinking of getting a smartphone from them.

I know the price difference is big, but ask yourself, where else would you get the Smartphone of your dreams, and get to pay it for 365 days, with such small daily payments?

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