Management of An Open Pneumothorax

Hi, welcome to Medical Advice Channel. This article is on the Management of an Open Pneumothorax. Open Pneumothorax is similar to a pneumothorax, except that there’s also a wound in the skin. Now there is a communication between the pleural space to the outside. When the patient inhales the air preferentially enters through the hole in the chest, and not through the trachea. This can potentially cause Tension Pneumothorax. The treatment for open your thorax. It’s a three-sided occlusive dressing. This dressing should be non-porous and only three edges are taped down, leaving one edge open when the patient inhales, the dressing is pulled closer to the skin sealing the open room. When the patient exhales the air releases from the wound through the untapped edge. This is temporary. Patients should also receive a chest tube afterwards.

Watch the video below on the management of An Open Pneumothorax.

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