Mpesa Withdrawal Charges 2023

Welcome to today’s article, where I will show you the latest mpesa withdrawal charges in 2023. Mpesa is the most used mobile money service in Kenya. Mpesa is very useful because almost everyone in Kenya knows about it and uses it for daily life. Some of the benefits you can get through Mpesa include;

  1. Sending and receiving money from other mpesa users.
  2. Buying airtime from your mpesa account, either for you or others.
  3. Paying for bills through their pay bill services, for example, Startimes, KPLC bills or GoTv bouquets. Check out our tutorial on how to Pay the KPLC bill via Mpesa.
  4. Save cash through services like KCB Mpesa and Mshwari.
  5. Get loans at interest through Fuliza, KCB Mpesa or Mshwari

Mpesa withdrawal charges 2022

To send money to others, you will be charged for sending the money. The receiver will also be charged when they want to withdraw the cash through a mpesa agent or through an ATM machine. The amount charged will depend on the amount of money being sent. Basically, the more money sent, the more money you will be charged. You could read my article on Airtel Kenya and see how you can take advantage of their offer on sending money to other airtel users for free. Click on the link below to view that article.

Also, read;

Below is the list of mpesa withdrawal charges for any amount sent. These Mpesa withdrawal charges are the latest for 2022, and I promise to always update the table as time goes by. Remember to subscribe and follow our blog so that you will be the first to be notified whenever this article is updated, or a new article is posted.

Mpesa Withdrawal Charges 2023/ Mpesa Withdrawal Rates 2023

Amount Of Money Sent Withdrawal charges Amount Charged To Send
(Registered and Unregistered users) Registered recipient Unregistered recipient
Ksh. 1- 49 Not Applicable Free of charge Not Applicable
Ksh. 50 – 100 Ksh. 10 Free of charge Not Applicable
Ksh. 101 – 500 Ksh. 27 Ksh. 6 Ksh. 45
Ksh. 501 – 1,000 Ksh. 28 Ksh. 12 Ksh. 49
Ksh. 1,001 – 1,500 Ksh. 28 Ksh. 22 Ksh. 59
Ksh. 1,501 – 2,500 Ksh. 28 Ksh. 32 Ksh. 74
Ksh. 2,501 – 3,500 Ksh. 50 Ksh. 51 Ksh. 112
Ksh. 3,501 – 5,000 Ksh. 67 Ksh. 55 Ksh. 135
Ksh. 5,001 – 7,500 Ksh. 84 Ksh. 75 Ksh. 166
Ksh. 7,501 – 10,000 Ksh. 112 Ksh. 87 Ksh. 205
Ksh. 10,001 – 15,000 Ksh. 162 Ksh. 97 Ksh. 265
Ksh. 15,001 – 20,000 Ksh. 180 Ksh. 102 Ksh. 288
Ksh. 20,001 – 35,000 Ksh. 191 Ksh. 105 Ksh. 309
Ksh. 35,001 – 50,000 Ksh. 270 Ksh. 105 Not Applicable
Ksh. 50,001 – 150,000 Ksh. 300 Ksh. 105 Not Applicable


Since you can also withdraw money from Mpesa through an ATM machine, I think it’s also fair to provide you with the Mpesa withdrawal rates for withdrawing from an ATM. Please keep in mind that the minimum amount of money you can withdraw from Mpesa through an ATM machine is Ksh. 200. The charges are as follows;

ATM Mpesa Withdrawal Charges/ ATM Mpesa Withdrawal Rates 2023

Amount sent Amount Charged For Withdrawal
Ksh. 200 – 2,500 34
 Ksh. 2,501 – 5,000 67
 Ksh. 5,001 – 10,000 112
 Ksh. 10,001 – 20,000 197


In case of any problems, feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to withdraw from my Mpesa Account?

You will need to present yourself only with your original ID card to withdraw money from your Mpesa Account

Can I directly deposit cash to another person’s account instead of sending it?

While this is something people used to do in the past, so as to avoid sending charges, Safaricom is now smarter. For example, it is impossible to direct deposit cash to someone far from you. The system will detect this act and not accept it.

What is the maximum amount of money I can send to someone?

You can send a maximum of Ksh. 150,000 at a single transaction. The total maximum amount you will be able to send in one day is Ksh. 300,000

How can I send Money free of charge In 2023?

To send money free of charge, I would recommend that you use Airtel Money, which allows its users to send money for free. Click here to read my article on it


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