May 25, 2022
muscles of mastications used in chewing

What are the Muscles of Mastication?

Mastication is the process of chewing food into smaller particles, therefore making the process of swallowing easier. The process of chewing is made possible by teeth present in the mouth cavity. The food then passes down the gastrointestinal system, through the esophagus for digestion. Several muscles help move the jaw during the process of chewing, and these muscles are the ones we call, Muscles of Mastication.

The muscles of mastication are one of the major muscles in the head. These muscles are innervated by the Mandibular Nerve, which is a branch of the Trigeminal Nerve (CN V) These muscles include;

  1. Masseter
  2. Temporalis
  3. Medial Pterygoid
  4. Lateral Pterygoid
  1. Masseter Muscle.

Masseter Muscle

  • Temporalis Muscle

Temporalis muscle - Muscles of mastication

  • Medial Pterygoid and Lateral Pterygoid

Medial and Lateral pterygoid muscles

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