How to Okoa Jahazi Using Safaricom Line 2023

Introduction: How to Okoa Jahazi Using Safaricom Line

Welcome to today’s article where you will learn how to okoa jahazi using the Safaricom line in 2022. Okoa jahazi has been there for ages and is very helpful, especially in emergency situations where you require Safaricom airtime to call a friend, relative or loved ones. Before you okoa jahazi. There are some other methods you can use to avoid taking okoa jahazi because you have to remember that this is a debt which you will have to pay in the long run.

How to avoid taking okoa jahazi debt

If you want to avoid taking okoa, or maybe Safaricom does not yet allow you to take an okoa, you can do the following to still communicate with your loved ones;

Reverse call The Person Using your Safaricom line

You could reverse-call the person you intend to communicate with. Safaricom introduced reverse call some years back and it has really been a game changer. In this service, you basically put a hashtag (#) before the number of the person you want to call and make the call, for example, #0712345678. Note that this method only works if the person you are communicating with has an airtime balance on the phone. The recipient will be charged for the call instead of you.

While this is really a cool way in terms of emergency, it has its pecks, read more on my article on How to reverse call using your Safaricom Line

Use Safaricom’s Please call Service

This is also an excellent idea to get in touch with someone when you don’t have access to okoa jahazi, r you don’t know how to okoa jahazi using the Safaricom line. Here you will just dial *130*Number#, where the number is the recipient. The recipient will receive a message informing them that you would like them to call you back. In Safaricom’s reverse call, you are given 5 chances to send please call me in a day.

To read more on Safaricom please call me, read the article by clicking here

safaricom okoa jahazi ussd code

Buy airtime using Fuliza to your Safaricom line

Yes, you heard it, you can buy airtime from your Fuliza limit when your Mpesa balance when you have run out of options on how to okoa jahazi using the Safaricom line. To keep this article short, I will not describe how you can do it. But read the article on how to buy Safaricom airtime using Fuliza by clicking here

How to okoa using Safaricom line – Airtime

  • Open your phone’s dialer pad.
  • Type *131# which is okoa jahazi’s USSD code.
  • Select the amount of okoa jahazi you want to take, depending on your given limit, for example, Ksh. 50
  • Reply with 1 to confirm that you want to take okoa jahazi.
  • Click send to complete the process.
  • Done, you will receive a message confirming that you have received okoa jahazi, and the date you will be required to have paid your okoa jahazi debt.

You can now use your okoa jahazi number to make calls, send text messages or buy Safaricom data bundles.

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How to okoa data using Safaricom line

You can also okoa data bundles through *544# from your smartphone device.

  • Open your phone’s dialer application.
  • Dial *544# from your Safaricom line
  • Select option 7, which is Okoa Data
  • Select the number of data bundles you want to okoa, depending on the limit you have. For example 50Mb @ Ksh. 50
  • Confirm that you accept the okoa data you are about to take.
  • Click send to complete the process.

When are you required to pay your okoa jahazi balance?

How to increase my jahazi limit

Increasing your okoa jahazi limit or the amount of okoa jahazi you can be given is pretty easy. The following are some of the things you can do;

  1. Make your Safaricom line active by always recharging your Safaricom line. The more active you recharge your Safaricom line and use it, the more the amount of okoa you can be given.
  2. Pay your already given okoa debt within the given time period. Extending the period in which you are supposed to give back your okoa debt makes Safaricom lose trust in you. Therefore they might not give you okoa in future or might reduce the amount you can receive.
  3. Your line must have been active for about 6 months and you must have recharged your line in the past month.

How to opt-out of Safaricom’s Okoa service

Just like you, I also wish Safaricom could introduce an opt-out option for okoa jahazi, just like Safaricom’s other product, Fuliza. Sadly this is not yet available, so you have to resist the temptation of taking okoa from your Safaricom line.

Can I sambaza okoa balance to another number?

No, you cannot sambaza your okoa balance to any other number, even if it is a Safaricom number.

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