7 Online TSC Services You Can Get Access To

Hey, welcome to today’s article on online TSC Services, where you can get them, and how you can go about using these TSC online services. If you are not aware of what TSC is, it means the Teachers Service Commission in full. In Kenya, TSC was launched in 1967 through the parliament act. Its key mandates were to employ teachers, register them and other functions such as disciplining teachers, promoting them and paying them.

Brief History  About TSC(Teachers Service Commission)

TSC has grown since 1967 to now have over 700,000 teachers under them. It also has over 3,000 offices in Kenya, where teachers can go and seek some of its services. To save time, they made a really big step of introducing Online TSC services so that their members can access some of their services online, in the comfort of their homes, without the need of visiting their branches.

TSC online services have improved the speed and efficiency of some of the services, unlike in the past when there were big queues at TSC offices to get served.

Who Can Use Online TSC Services

According to the laws and regulations of the Teachers Service Commission, it is against the law for anyone to be involved in teaching in schools when they are to be registered by the commission. Therefore, anyone in the teaching profession is supposed to be legally registered by the Teachers Service Commission. Therefore, Online TSC Services are to be used by Teachers in Kenya.

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Online TSC Services You Can Have Access To

Some of the TSC online services you can get access to in Kenya include;

Application for TSC number.

Applying for a TSC number is pretty simple right now due to the introduction of Online TSC Services. One only needs to have a good internet connection and original documents in order to be registered online by TSC. Some of the documents need, which should be scanned include the;

  1. ID Card/Passport. Your ID card should be scanned on both sides.
  2. KRA Pin certificate.
  3. You should also have scanned copies of your academic certificates. Note that you should only scan your original copies, or else you risk being rejected.
  4. Scanned copy of the payment bank slip for proof of payment.
  5. Your GP69 medical form, which should be well filled out by a licensed medical practitioner
  6. Your academic transcripts. These should be scanned as one pdf, making them one document.
  7. A recently taken passport photo.
  8. One should also have an affidavit, in case names on your certificates differ from one another.
  9. Those who studied abroad should have clearance from the commission of higher education.

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To start your application through online TSC services, visit ‘

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Get Access To and Download Various TSC Forms

In case you need any form, for example, the TPAD TSC appraisal form, or the Medical GP69 form, you can easily get them through TSC online services. These and many other forms can be accessed from tsc website free of charge.

Application For Job Vacancies Via TSC online Services

The TSC website also has news about job vacancies, where their members can apply for these jobs. This has made it easier to be the first to apply for jobs and is not as strenuous as it was in the past.

To gain access to these teaching job opportunities, visit the TSC website, by clicking here, and clicking on the careers tab. You will need to log in to your account to gain access to this.

Teachers’ Posting and Entry-Exit

Through Online TSC Services, one can now check their registration status, and whether they have been posted or not. One can find this by visiting the tsc website, clicking on the online services tab, and then selecting “Teachers Posting and Entry-Exit”.

You will be required to enter your TSC number to verify your details and proceed to the next page.

On this page, you will also find more information like injections and suspensions. Note that you can only access exit and entry if you are the head of an institution.

To find out more information on your tsc teacher registration, you can write an email to TSC customer care at [email protected] or give them a phone call through their number, 020-2892000.

HRMIS Services For Teachers and Secretariat

Teachers can use the HRMIS services portal, which is available on the TSC website to gain access to more processes, such as Leaves, Transfer or even to access the HOI portal. There is also an option for those in the secretariat department.

T-Pad Services – TSC Online Services

On T-pad, teachers can log in and file their termly appraisal without the need of visiting a cyber cafe and be overcharged. This service is available of tsc website on the “online services” tab.

The T-pad option also gives you access to more features like filling out weekly lesson attendance sheets, capturing learners’ progress and many more.

T-Pay Services

T-pay is an Online TSC service where teachers can be able to download their payslips for any given month or year. You will first have to log in using your tsc number and password before gaining access to your Payslip. You can also be able to send your payslip to any financial institution using the T-pay online tsc service and view any third-party transactions from your account.

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Access Tenders From TSC

You can also be able to check and apply for any available tenders that are advertised on the platform.

TSC Online Services Contacts

In case you have any problem, you could contact TSC customer care through the following ways;

TSC Email Number

You can communicate with tsc customer care through their email, [email protected].

TSC Customer Care Phone Number

Contact tsc customer care desk through the following number;

  • 0722 208 552
  • 0777 208 552
  • (020)289 2000

TSC Social Media Handles

TSC Facebook Page – TSC_KENYA

TSC Twitter Page – @TSC_KE

Teachers Service Commission Address

TSC HOUSE, Kilimanjaro Avenue, Private Bage

         00100, Nairobi Kenya


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