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Welcome to Medical Advice Channel, today’s article is going to be a bit funny because we are going to name some of the names in medicine. A fan of my blog gave me this idea, she asked me to mention some great names in medicine parents could use to name their children. I thought of […]

As a long time sufferer of bad breath (halitosis) I can still remember the day my girlfriend told me I had ‘puppy breath’. As affectionate as that may sound, I knew what she really meant was that I had bad breath. Being somewhat shy in the first place, this only compounded my lack of confidence […]

This article will talk about various aspects of complications, preventions, and diagnosis of Hepatitis B. Diagnosis of Hepatitis B If the doctors understand that you have Hepatitis B, they will ask you to do a full physical exam. They will also test your blood to see that whether you have an inflamed liver or not.

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