Safaricom 5G Network Launched In Kenya

Safaricom 5G Network is Now In Kenya With almost everyone now enrolled in the 4G network, Safaricom’s new 5G network is now a game changer in the Kenyan telecommunications sector. Am sure that this 5G wifi launch in Kenya has now made other Kenyan Telecommunication companies, like Airtel, Telkom and Faiba start thinking of upgrading their networks in the coming years.

This Safaricom’s 5G network, as of now, is available across five counties and can only be accessed through a handset that supports the 5G network.

What is a 5G Network

5G network is a cellular network, like 4G, the difference is higher and more effective than its successor. In simple terms, it is faster and can accommodate more devices, improving internet access, especially in crowded areas. Its speed is also super good and can reach speeds of up to 10Gbps. In other parts of the developed countries, the 5G network has been available since its launch in 2019 and it is predicted that by 2025, there will be more than 1.7 billion users of the 5G network in the world(reference).

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Smartphones That Support 5G Network in Kenya

Some smartphones that support the Safaricom 5G network in Kenya include;

  1. Latest iPhone smartphones, but you will have to upgrade your iPhone first.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S series.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Fold Series.

    samsung galaxy fold can access safaricom 5G network
    Samsung Galaxy Fold source: gsmarena
  4. Oppo 5G-enabled devices.

Counties In Kenya That Support Safaricom’s 5G Network

Some of the counties now having access to Safaricom 5G Network include;

  1. Nairobi County
  2. Nakuru County
  3. Kisumu County
  4. Kisii County
  5. Mombasa County

The telecommunications company has promised that its 5G coverage will have expanded to cover many more counties by 2023.

Safaricom 5G Network wifi Price

To start using the Safaricom 5G network, you will be required to buy the 5G Safaricom router from any Safaricom outlet near you. The Safaricom 5G router cost is Ksh. 25,000. You will also be required to pay Ksh. 5,000 as a setup fee. After buying the 5G router, you can now simply choose one of Safaricom’s 5G data bundle packages that suit you or your business. Below is the cost of the 5G packages you can purchase;

  • 300Gb bundles @ a speed of 10Mbps going for Ksh. 3,499
  • 500Gb bundles @ a speed of 40Mbps going for Ksh. 5,999
  • 1Tb bundles @ a speed of 100Mbps going for Ksh. 14,999

My Thoughts

This is an excellent step by Safaricom to introduce the 5G network in Kenya, and I think it has really moved us a level up in the Telecommunication sector. Although the prices are high for the common mwanainchi, I just hope that in future the prices will be made more affordable for the common man.

Change is good, and we should all embrace it, so work harder, earn your cash and let us save to upgrade our phones to support the 5G network. I also hope they make 5G-enabled smartphones for Mkopa and Lipa mdogo mdogo so that more Kenyans join the 5G network.

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