Samsung A22 Review – Specs and Price in Kenya

In today’s Tech review article, we will be reviewing the Samsung Galaxy A22, also known as Samsung A22. I will show you its features, strengths and weaknesses, the Samsung A22’s price in Kenya and whether you should consider buying this smartphone or not. Use the table of content below to navigate to a specific section of the article you would be interested in.

Please note, I am going to be reviewing the Samsung Galaxy A22, the 4G version which has LTE, not the 5G version. These two smartphones are entirely different and the 5G Samsung Galaxy A22 may or may not be sold in every country in the world. If you are interested in these phones, but they are not accessible in your region, I will leave a link to where you could get them at a good price.

What You Find In The Box

When you buy a Samsung Galaxy A22 and unbox it, you will find the following inside the box;

  • The Samsung A22 Smartphone.
  • A sim ejector tool for the smartphone.
  • A Samsung warranty card
  • Earphones
  • Samsung Galaxy A22 Manual Guide
  • A white USB type C cable
  • A 15w charger

External Feature

When you take the Samsung Galaxy A22 smartphone out of the box and its plastic wrapper, you will see the sleek phone, which to say the truth, Samsung did a good job designing and making it stand out. At the bottom, you will find the 3.5mm Earphone and audio Jack, Speakers and a mic. You will also be able to find a noise-cancelling mic which is located on the top part of the phone.

When you look on the left side of the phone, you find the A22’s Simcard tray. The phone accepts dual nano sim cards, meaning you can insert two Nano sim cards. If you are buying your Samsung A22 from Mkopa in Kenya, you will only get one that supports a single sim card.

The tray also has space for a Micro SD card you can use to enhance your phone’s storage. On the opposite side of the phone, there is a power button and the volume down and volume up buttons respectively. One cool feature of the phone is that its power button also acts as the fingerprint scanner.

Taking a Look At The Back.

The one thing standing out on the back side of the Samsung A22 is its 4 cameras. There is also a LED flashlight that can be used as a touch or to help you take photos where there is less light using the flash feature. I will tell you details about the Cameras in the Camera section.

The back is made from plastic, which to me is not good, because it means the back can easily get scratched and leave fingerprints all over the phone. But I can live with it because this is a low-budget phone, unlike its higher specs rivals like the Tecno Camon 19 Premier smartphone.

Samsung A22 Specs, and price in Kenya

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