May 24, 2022

When i saw young, very few people had access to mobile phone. They were very expensive. I remember when my dad bought a Siemens mobile phone, he was everyone’s friend because others could get to borrow it. Now, if buy a phone alone was that much of a privilege, imaging having access to the Internet.

6 steps to save your internet bundle usage

Very few phones could have access to the Internet at that time, and even if you had one, accessing the Internet was very expensive. I don’t really know how much buying internet data bundles would cost, but in terms of calling, there was a time when one would use 18 shillings per minute just to call someone.

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I think you can agree with me that these days things are easier. Today’s rate are as low 2 bob or 3 bob per minute depending on the internet provider you are using. Data bundle too are cheaper, networks like Airtel charge as low as 1 shilling per 5 mb – before the Government increased tax and prices of most commodities.

People have been complaining that their smartphone consume a lot of data bundles, and they would like to know a few trick and tips on decreasing their internet consumption. Today, i have got you covered.

These are the Top 6 trick to lower your internet data consumption;


  1.  Switch off your data bundles when they are not in use. Believe it or not, your smartphone uses your data bundles even when you are not on Facebook, or downloading something. It uses the data to get notification from your WhatsApp or even Facebook. Even if it consumes a small amount, it will eventually use up a decent amount.
  2. Change your WhatsApp setting so that it does not automatically download images, videos and documents. This consumes a lot of data bundles especially when you have groups that are very active, and have lots of uploads. Imaging have 20 videos posted on one group, each being 16mbs. A lot right?
    6 Steps To Save Your Internet Bundle Usage
  3. It’s better to use YouTube on a Wi-Fi network. YouTube is very addictive, and entertaining, but uses a lot of data bundles. It’s better to look for Wi-Fi hotspots to watch your videos. What of you don’t have access to one? Then watch the videos at lower quality, maybe at 480px. A video that is 1020hd or 4k will use double, or even triple the data.
    changing whatsapp settings to save your internet bundle usage
  4. Disable Google Play Store from automatically updating your applications. This can really drain your data,  its better to set it to install app updates only on Wi-Fi. Or you can install updates when you feel you have enough data to spare.
  5. Activate data save. Data save really helps, it does through by inactivating apps that you have not used in a long time. It will also disable automatic updates and apps that are running on the background.
  6. Buy monthly bundle packages. Believe me, if you do the math, it’s cheaper to buy monthly packages than daily packages. For examples, if we use Airtel, buying daily data for 20 bob equals 200 mb that will expire in 24 hours. If you do this for a month, you will use a total of 600 shillings for 6gb. But remember that some days your bundles might be limited for 24 hours.
I am sure using these tips will help you save some cash by reducing your data consumption. If you have some additional tips, leave a comment below and we will include them in the article.
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