Tecno Camon 18 Premier Review – Specifications and Price in Kenya


Tecno Camon 18 Premier is part of the Tecno Camon Series of phones released by Tecno. In this article, I will be giving you a full review of the Camon 18 Premier and if I think it’s worth buying or not. I will also tell you a cool feature that makes the Tecno Camon 18 Premier cooler than even the Samsung A52. Feel free to use the Table of Contents below to jump to the specific section of the article that you are looking for.

What You Find In The Box

When you buy a Tecno Camon 18 and unbox it, you will find the following inside the box;

  • The Tecno Camon 18 phone. The colour will depend on which colour you chose when buying the phone. Tecno Camon 18 Premier comes only in two colours: Polar Night and Vast Sky colours.
  • A warranty card
  • A sim ejector tool
  • Earphones
  • USB type C cable
  • A 33w fast charger

External Feature

When you take the Camon 18 Premier smartphone out of its casing, you will see the sleek phone, which to say the truth, Tecno did a good job designing and making it stand out. At the bottom, you will find the 3.5mm Earphone and audio Jack, mono Speakers and a mic. You will also be able to find the other mic which is located on the top part of the phone.

Tecno Camon 18 Premier review
Credit: gsmarena.com

When you look on the right side of the phone, you find the power button and the volume down and volume up buttons respectively. On the other opposite side, you will find the Premier’s Simcard tray. The phone accepts dual nano sim cards, meaning you will be able to insert two Nano sim cards. The tray also has space for a Micro SD card you can use to enhance your phone’s storage.

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Taking a Look At The Back.

On the back, you will immediately notice the 3 cameras and an LED flashlight mounted on the Tecno Camon 18 Premier’s back. These Cameras are:

  1. The main camera, which is 64 Megapixels
  2. A 12 MP Ultra Wide camera.
  3. And an 8 Megapixel Periscopic Camera. I will tell you more about this in the Camera section.

Tecno also made the Camon 18 Premiers scratch-proof by

Taking a Look At The Front.

At the front, you will find a 32 Megapixel camera to help you take great selfie photos for future memories. There is also dual LED flashlights that are located alongside this front-facing camera. The display size is 6.7 inches and has a resolution of 1080 by 2400.


Tecno Camon 18 Premier Specs


As I mentioned above, the Tecno Camon 18 Premier comes with a 7.6 Inches display that has a resolution of 1080 by 2400. The screen refresh rate is 120Hz with an AMOLED display. These display properties make this smartphone also good for outdoor usage, especially with the 550 Nits brightness capabilities it is made of.

Watching videos from youtube and Netflix from this device is something you need to try to enjoy its display goodies. You can check Tecno Camon 18 Premier’s  Benchmark Scores by AnTuTu Benchmark Score to see how it performs on the benchmark.


At the front, you get the 32MP camera which is pretty good and makes your photos and selfies really cool. It also has and can also handle dynamic range when set into the HDR mode.

Tecno camon 18 premier backside cameras
Credit: tecno-mobile.com

The back cameras are the 64MP camera to give you very clear photos, the 12 MP Ultra-wide camera and lastly an 8MP Periscopic camera. These cameras enable the phone to zoom up to 60 times the distance. The secrete about the Telescopic camera told you about is that it moves and therefore, if you are taking videos while on the move, you don’t really need a stabilizer. Cool right?

Storage and Memory

RAM Memory

If you want a phone that is able to multitask without any problems, then Tecno Camon 18 Premier is the best bet for you. This Tecno company Smartphone comes with 8Gb of RAM. This memory will enable you to play demanding games like Call of Duty and Pubg on good graphics quality and high refresh rates.

ROM Memory

The smartphone’s storage is 256GB, which is more than enough for you to store all your photos, videos and audio files without being worried about storage. You can also increase the storage space by adding a Micro SD card.


This smartphone comes packed with a MediaTek Helio G-96 octa-core CPU processor. This processor is faster, especially in combination with the phone’s refresh rate of 120 Hz. Be sure that you won’t be experiencing any lag when scrolling through the phone. This processor also ensures that you are able to play demanding games like Pubg without a problem.


The Tecno Camon 18 Premier comes with a 4,750mAh battery to keep you going all day long. With the 33w charger that comes with it, you can be sure to receive a fast charging capability. The phones go from 0% to 100% in less than an hour of uninterrupted charging. According to Tecno Kenya, you can charge the Tecno Camon 18 Premier from 0-64% in approximately 30 minutes![1]

Price Range in Kenya

In Kenya, you can buy the Tecno Camon 18 premier for between Ksh. 33,999/= to about Ksh. 38,000/=. It can be bought from any online store in Kenya or a smartphone shop in major Kenyan towns. I recommend you buy this smartphone from Jumia Kenya, because of their 6-month warranty on electronics and smartphones. Plus Jumia is also a Tecno-trusted seller, so you can be sure that you will be getting what you asked for. And as a plus, I just want you to know that this smartphone supports Voice over LTE, which is really cool

If you need a recommendation from me, I have done my research and previously bought this phone for my client at a price of Ksh. 33,999. if you want to buy it using my link, click here or the link provided below. If you have a problem, leave a comment and I will help you through the process.

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Note: This is a Jumia affiliate link, and Jumia will pay Medical Advice Channel a commission when you buy the product. I do my research well and will never recommend products I have not bought and checked myself, and therefore products recommended on this website are genuine.


In this Tecno Camon 18 Premier, I have shown you most of the features this smartphone has, I think this is a good smartphone and if you can afford it, go for it. It has a good camera, good processor and storage suitable for everyday usage. Let me know in the comment section what you think about the phone and some other alternative you prefer. You can click the image below to see other good phones on Jumia.

Techno camon 18 premier phone alternatives that can be found on Jumia by clicking on the link

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