Ways You Can Easily wake And Unlock Your iPhone Device 2023

In this article, I will be showing you various ways you can easily wake up and unlock your iPhone device. Every iPhone has a backlight timer that is used to turn the screen off after some time of inactivity.  This saves power and ensures that your device is safe when you leave it unattended for a certain period of time.

How does this ensure safety? When you leave the device unattended, someone else might find it unlocked and access your personal information without your consent. With this feature, the phone screen goes off and is locked, so if anyone else tries to use your iPhone device, they will require either a password or a pattern to unlock the iPhone device.

You can always increase this time to up to 30 mins if you want by going to settings>display. I recommend setting it to 2mins.

How To Easily Wake iPhone Device

Unlike in the old age where the only way you could wake up your iPhone device was to use the power button, iPhones have now become smarter and there are more than one ways you could use to wake up your iPhone device. These ways include;

  • Using the side Power Button

This is the most common way of waking up your iPhone device. In this method, you only need to click on your power button, usually located on the side of the iPhone device. You will then need to input the password or pattern to gain access to your device.

  • raising your iPhone off a surface.

This one is pretty simple, you only need to lift or raise your iPhone from the surface. For example, if you placed the iPhone on a table, just lift it up and it will wake up. This feature is known as the Raise and Wake feature on the iPhone. You can turn the Raise and Wake feature on your iPhone device by going to Settings> Display & Brightness.

  • Tapping the device screen.

You can also tap on your iPhone screen to wake it up. Please note that this function is not supported by all iPhone devices. To see if your device supports the tapping function to wake the iPhone device, click here to see the full list.

After using the methods above to wake your iPhone device, you still need to unlock it using the security method you set up on your device.

How To Unlock iPhone Device

Unlock iPhone Using Face ID Unlock Feature

If your iPhone Device supports the Face ID feature, you can use it to unlock the device. But to use it, you have to set up Face ID. For those who did not Set Up Face Unlock on their iPhone devices, you can set it up by going to Setting Menu> Face ID & Passcode > Set Up Face ID, then follow the instructions you will be given to set up the Face Unlock feature on your iPhone.

To unlock your device using Face ID unlock Feature;

  1. Wake your iPhone device using the methods I described above; the Power button, lifting the device or tapping the screen.
  2. Glace on your iPhone screen until it animates to unlocked mode.
  3. Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen to finish unlocking it

If you need to lock it again, you can tap the power button once to lock it, or just leave it for a minute or more so that it locks itself.

Pro Tip

You can activate Attention Aware feature so that iPhone wont lock itself s long as attention is detected(Looking at screen or watching something).

Unlock Your iPhone With the Touch ID Feature.

If you had not set up Touch ID on Your iPhone, and your phone has a home button, you will need to set it up and register you fingerprint before proceeding. You can read this article on how to set up Touch ID (Opens in a new Tab). After successfully setting up Touch ID;

  1. Press the home button with the finger that is registered for Touch ID. This will unlock your iPhone device.
  2. To lock it again, just leave it for more than a minute, or press the power button once.

Unlock Your iPhone Using Passcode or Password

To use a passcode to unlock your iPhone device, you will, first of all, need to set it up. If you have not set it up, go to Settings> Touch ID and Passcode > Turn On Passcode. After this, when you want to unlock your iPhone using a Passcode or Password;

  1. Wake up your Apple Smartphone using the methods mentioned.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen.
  3. Enter your iPhone Security Passcode.
  4. Done.

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