Western Dental – Review 2023

Welcome to the medical advice channel, today we are going to make a review about Western Dental and Orthodontics this 2023. This article is going to be our first-ever review article, I hope you like it and helps you.

A follower on our Facebook page requested I make a review about Western Dental. It was some time ago and I was a bit occupied. I decided to make time and make review the dental health provider. Note that I do not have any affiliate links with them, and I am not receiving any cash to make this review. The opinions I have are what I think about them.

Western Dental Background

Western Dental and Orthodontics was founded in the city of Los Angelos in the year 1903. It has risen to be one of the largest dental health facilities in the United States. It has offices in California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas, with over 250 offices in these regions.

Western Dental and Orthodontics have over 4500 workers who are highly trained to ensure that you receive the best high-quality treatment available.

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Western Dental Services

As the name suggests, they deal mainly with dental care. As you know, this is a critical area that requires high expertise. Bad dental hygiene is not only good for your health but also your self-esteem. Besides offering general dental services, they also offer;

  • Dental implant procedures.
  • Emergency dental care.
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • First check-up for your baby.
  • Installing braces and other orthodontic procedures
  • You can also come for your yearly dental check-up at Western Dental, which by the way, I recommend if you want good dental hygiene.
Western Dental review 2021

What about Payment

What drew my attention to them was the fact that they accept most insurance programs. As you know, most people in the states are covered by Dental-Cal. This is good because you don’t have to be worried if you are from a low-income background, Western Dental has got you covered, as long you have an insurance plan.

Some other insurance plans accepted by the healthcare provider include;

  • Cigna
  • Principal PPO
  • Total Dental Administrator
  • Humana
  • First dental health
  • Delta Dental
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and many more

To check if your insurance plan is accepted by the health provider, check out this page on their website

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Does Western Medical Accept Cash?

If you have no insurance plan at the moment, don’t shy away from visiting their facilities. You can discuss it with their friendly staff who will try to find a way of helping you.

Is it safe to visit during this COVID-19 Period?

As mentioned on their website, Western dental prioritizes the safety of their customers. They have measures in place to ensure that you are safe in their hands. Some of these measures include;

  • Disinfection of all equipment, personnel, and the patient, before coming into their facilities, and even when leaving the facility.
  • There is the maintenance of social distance. I  also advise maintaining a distance of one meter apart.
  • The staff is in PPEs(Personal Protective Equipment).

How to Contact Western Dental Orthodontics.

You can contact them using the information below:

Customer care : (866) 319 – 9409

Billing information Arizona and California : (866) 620 – 8390

Billing information Nevada : (888) 891 – 2354

Visit their website

Western Dental Facility Near Me

You can check if any of the 250 locations are available in your area. Visit their website using this link to find a Western Dental facility near you.

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