Why is project planning important? || Number 1 Guide.

Why is project planning important? When an organization sits down and decides to start a project, they have to sit down and create a project plan. One might ask themselves, why is a project plan so important? Why not just start the project instead of wasting more time coming up with the plan?

Well, a project plan is a really important element of any project, even in the health care setting, and it is really not as easy as it seems to come up with one.

Coming up with a strong project plan can be two things; Easy or Very hard. This will depend on how complex the project is and the nature of the project. No matter how hard or easy it is, just remember the next time you embark on a project, take time to come up with a good project plan.

To know what project planning really is, you will first of all have to have a good understanding on what is project management. But in very simple terms, it is just one of the most critical stages in project management, and this is why you will see an organization taking weeks and even months to come up with a very good project plan. You can check out this project planning guideline.

Why is project planning so important?

1. It improves a project’s rate of success.

importance of project planning

Just t show you how project planning is important, I will give a fun fact. A recent study that was conducted showed that up to 60 percent of projects started by organizations are reported to have failed. What is even more astonishing is a majority of these projects did not have a good project plan.

When you look closely, you will find a number of reasons why these projects failed. One of the most common reasons is that there are no defined roles and responsibilities. You find that the individuals in the teams do not know their roles that responsibilities in the team, and this brings about conflict, and therefore reducing the chances of success of the project.

But these projects sat down and made a good project plan, I bet their chances of success would have skyrocketed. A good project plan would have made them more efficient in terms of their organization, their work schedule and also enabled them to use their resources in a well-organized manner

2. Helps Save You A Dime.

project planning saves money

Coming up with a project and starting it is very expensive itself, and this becomes even more expensive when the project fails. And even if, the project is lucky enough o be completed, if you had no project plan, you will notice that you spent extra cash, and time.

A good project plan will enable you to gauge the amount that you will spend on a project, the amount of time needed to meet your organization’s goals, and how well to utilize the resources you have to meet your target goals. This will help avoid delays that may occur if you did not have a plan at all.

3. It improves team communication

project planning helps in teamwork

Communication is key for everything to work. It is an essential component of everyday life. Even walking requires coordination between your brain and your muscles. In project management, good communication at all levels of the project is an essential factor that will determine the success rate of the project.

As you know, a project involves various groups, which include the management, workers, and even suppliers. to make this a success, the project plan put all aspects of communication into consideration. this communication can be put across through various mediums of communications, like emails and phone calls. This will ensure that the project is well organized and the project is completed on time.

4. It ensures the best use of resources

best use of resources because of project planning

One key thing that makes most projects fail is poor use of the available resources. Some of the resources in a project include time, equipment, staff, etc. A project plan ensures that all the resources in a project are well in use in a clear, accountable, and well-organized manner. This is key, because if projects start with resources that are not adequate enough, for example, not having enough staff members, then this project is very likely to fail, or take a longer time to be completed.

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5. It makes it easy to track project goals and outcomes

One of the key functions of having a project plan is that it clearly defines and shows the project’s aims and objectives that are to be accomplished at the end of the project. It gives you some sought of checklist that one project manager can use to track the progress f their work.

For example, if a health institution in a certain area in Kenya starts a project to immunize children of the area with the polio vaccine, one of their objects may be to target the vaccination of 1000 kids in one week, and therefore, the project manager might be able to gauge their progress and make changes according to their results they are seeing.

6. It helps keep all collaborators aligned

why project planning is important

All sectors of the project know and are well aware of their roles and objectives in a project. This boosts their morale because they all feel like they are part of a family that appreciates them. This will ensure that there is good teamwork where everyone is determined to complete their objectives in the set amount of time.

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7. Project Planning Improves Employee Retention.

why is project planning important

Project planning involves all sectors of a Project including the staff plus the employers. A recent study has shown that workers and employees to more likely to leave a job if they feel like they are being overburdened with the amount of work they do. The study also showed that workers who are not well aware of their specific roles in a project are not very motivated to work.

I project plan helps in this situation because it involves all sectors of the project, including the management and it clearly distributes the objectives of each and every member of the team.  This makes every member of the group feels like the organization recognizes and that they matter.

8. Project Planning Guarantees performance

why project planning is important in health care

Looking at all the above advantages of project planning, you can truly agree with me that project planning greatly increases the efficiency of a project. It ensures that there is good time management, we spend resources well and you save money. It also ensures that the organization meets its targets and goals.

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