New Windows 11 Updates Released – Includes Bing AI Powered search

Window 11 fans can now rejoice after Microsoft released Windows 11 updates today. The new update has a ton of cool features packed into it including their New AI-powered bing search feature. This feature will be accessible to it users via the Taskbar.

Apart from this Bing search feature, this windows 11 update also packs a  whole lot of new and sleeker features, like sleek-looking widgets, a better-looking Notepad for Notepad fans, and a screen recording feature which will be particularly useful for content creators like me.

Microsoft Windows 11 Update Features

windows 11 update with sleek looking widgets
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Let us briefly look at each new update in detail:

AI Bing Powered Search Task Bar

This search feature has integrated Bings AI technology that Microsoft has been playing around with a looking for a way to integrate for their Windows 11 users. No one really expected that this feature will be among this windows 11 update release, and I know many Windows 11 users will be eager to test it out.

Although this new Bing AI search feature is available on the Taskbar, you won’t be able to see the search results directly from the search bar. It will only act as a quick launch for edge and you will have to make sure you have edge preview activated

Phone Linking for iOS

Yes, you heard it(Or read it) right, iPhone users can now link their iPhone phones with their Windows 11 after updating to their windows 11 laptops or computer devices. After linking their devices, you will be able to receive messages, even from iPhone’s iMessage, and also receive calls and other notifications straight to your windows 11 powered device.

Improved widgets in Windows 11 Update

Your widgets will now look cooler and you have added bonuses like Spotify. This will make the device look sleek and provide you with a great user experience when using windows 11.

Screen Recording feature

For gamers and youtube content creators like me, Microsoft has introduced the screen recording feature on the windows 11 latest update. You will be able to record the entire screen, or part of it or even crop it to suit your preference.

This will be a great addition to the already present Xbox Gamepass feature which gives an option of recording games.

Improvement to Quick Assist Application

The quick assist feature has been improved to provide you with much-needed guidance when you need something, for example, getting to conversations will be quicker.

Note Pad users

The new note Pad has an improved user interface with a beautiful toggle to ensure there is sufficient power use. You will also get the new braille display support and voice access feature.

How To Get the Windows 11 Update.

For now, if you would want to install the new windows 11 update, you will need to visit the Microsoft official website and install the update manually. In the coming month of March, particularly on March 14th 2023, the new update will be rolled out officially so that it will be included in the automatic update feature in all laptops and windows devices(Window’s Monthly security updates).

So if you do not want the hustle of installing these windows 11 updates manually, you could wait a little longer so that you can automatically download the security updates on the 14th of March, which is about two weeks from now.

Tell me what you think about the updates and if you feel they are not as you expected them to be. If they are a disappointment to you, let me know which features you would have been happy to find in the new update. As for me, I think the AI-powered Bing search feature is a plus, and I would like to explore it.


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