Neoplasia – Made Really Easy

Hello, welcome to the medical advice channel blog, today’s topic is Neoplasia and I hope it will be helpful. Neoplasia is a very broad topic and sometimes thought to be hard to understand, but don’t worry, I will be with you all through the tutorial and try to explain it in the easiest way possible. … Read more

An Artery – What You Need to Know 2023.

An artery

Overview An artery is a blood vessel that takes blood away from the Heart to other parts of the body (e.g. Kidneys, Lungs, Liver, etc.). Please note that not all arteries carry blood from the heart to other body parts. To remember this, you can borrow my phrase that says, “All arteries carry oxygenated blood … Read more

The Human Heart – Easy to Understand 2021

Chambers of the Heart

Overview The Human heart is a muscular organ about the size of a fist. Its purpose is to pump blood and nutrients to all parts of the body. In the process of delivering Oxygen-rich blood to the organs and tissues, it also removes Carbon (IV) Oxide and other waste products, which will be excreted from … Read more

Buy me coffee

Buy me coffee Buy me coffee if you love my work please support me in order to help me grow and be able to provide more great content for you. Your donations are what keeps me going, and help me provide great content for you. If you are unable to, it is okay, just leave … Read more

Iron Deficiency Anaemia- Unique facts you need to know.

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Overview An inadequate amount of iron in the body leads to iron deficiency anaemia(Also anemia)Iron is a mineral that our bodies need for many functions. Too little iron in your body will lead to Iron-deficiency Anaemia while having too much Iron intake will lead to Iron poisoning. Some people inherit a disease called Hemochromatosis which causes … Read more

How To Cheat Any Protracted Exams

Welcome to HowToTech, I’m back coming back with another helpful article about Digiproctor and other platforms that offer protracted exams. Today’s article is going to be about me showing you some ways you can actually cheat during an online proctored exam. If you don’t know what protracted exams are, don’t worry, I will explain them … Read more

Management of An Open Pneumothorax

Management of an Open Pneumothorax

Hi, welcome to Medical Advice Channel. This article is on the Management of an Open Pneumothorax. Open Pneumothorax is similar to a pneumothorax, except that there’s also a wound in the skin. Now there is a communication between the pleural space to the outside. When the patient inhales the air preferentially enters through the hole … Read more

Clinical Vs Biological Death

Welcome to the medical advice channel, in today’s article we will be discussing the differences between clinical death and biological death. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when a new article drops. Clinical death vs Biological Death. Before discussing Clinical vs Biological death, let us look at each of … Read more

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