CareStart Malaria Test Kit – Medical Review

Hey, welcome to Medical Advice Channel, in today’s article, we are going to review CareStart Malaria Test Kit. If you have no idea what this is, it is a kit made by CareStart that is used by hospitals and labs for testing the presence of malaria parasites in patients.

carestart malaria test kit - test kit for malaria

It’s Uses

This kit is used for the rapid detection of Malaria. To be more technical, it detects the presence of Malaria Histidine – rich protein 2. This is a protein that is made up of the malaria parasite. The presence of this HRP2 in the blood sample of a patient is diagnostic for malaria parasites.

Contents of CareStart Malaria Test Kit Pack – Test Kit for Malaria

The kit contains the kit itself, an Assay Buffer, a pipette with a 5ul Guide Line, a sterile blood lancet, 2 packets of Alcohol Swabs, and the user manual. It also has a Silica Gel sachet that helps absorb moisture keeping the kit moisture-free.

Precautions For Using It

In order to ensure that you get accurate results, some rules must be followed, these include;

  • Using the kit in the appropriate time period. The kit is only effective in the time period provided by the manufacturer.
  • The medic is only supposed to use the kit when they are in gloves. This is because the blood used in the testing is an infectious material.
  • The kit and its content should be away from any food or smoke.
  • Any materials spilt during the procedure should be cleaned thoroughly.

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Limitations of the Kit

  • You can not mix reagents from different sources for the procedure. You can only use the reagents provided by the manufacturer.
  • The test is only limited to testing the presence of malaria parasites in human beings.
  • This pack is only for one single use and should be disposed of.
  • Even though CareStart Malaria Kit has high accuracy in detecting the presence of malaria parasite species, it could sometimes give false-positive results. But this is rare.

Advantages of CareStart Malaria Test Kit – Test Kit for Malaria

  • It has a simple straightforward instructions manual that makes its usage very clear and simple.
  • The process takes a very short period of time. One might get the results in about 20 minutes’ time. This makes it easy and first for starting treatment for the patient.
  • Its results and efficacy are not altered by anticoagulants such as heparin.

A word of note for all physicians is that is important to only start patients on malaria treatment only after careful and comprehensive clinical and laboratory evaluation. Meaning you have to be positive that the patient has malaria in order to start the treatment. This will require good teamwork between the lab and the practitioner.

Sample collection

  • Using the alcohol swab provided, clean and remove any germs by cleaning the area where blood will be collected.
  • Squeeze the patient’s fingertip end and Pierce the skin using the lancet device provided.
  • Gently squeeze the pipette and immerse the end into the blood so the blood will be drawn into the pipette when you release the pressure.

For more information, you can visit their AccessBio website.

Remember is a major killer, especially of children. Also, note that Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease. If you feel sick or notice signs and symptoms of Malaria, seek medical attention from your nearest healthcare facility, where you will be tested and treated.

What Are Malaria Causes

Malaria is caused by a bite by an infected mosquito. Suffering from malaria causes red blood cells in a person to burst open releasing the malaria parasite into the bloodstream and leading to infection of other red blood cells with the malaria parasite. These blood cells that burst open will die reducing a person’s blood level and can lead to other serious complications like anaemia, which if not properly treated can complicate in death.

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